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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the images?
Find the image you like by looking at the thumbnails in the image galleries, then click on the image.
Depending on the image it may take some minutes for the image to appear (not all the images load progressively on some systems) - remember these are high quality photographs!

Right click (Click and hold or Control + Click for Mac users) and select 'save image as' or 'download image' depending on your browser.

I can't see the whole image!
The image is too big for a website!
Most of the images will be bigger than your screen. All of them WILL require further processing before you use them! in order to maintain quality for printed use most of the images are left at full photographed size - they are much too big for direct web use. The reason behind this for you (the designer) to create individual backgrounds, montages, textures, decorations, borders etc. from the quality original material provided on this site. If you want bland off the shelf web clipart..... look on another site, go to the links page

PowerPoint/Presentation file size Issues
Adding full-screen graphics to some presentation packages will create a large file. This if fine if you are creating and displaying your presentation on a laptop or computer, but if you want to e-mail or transport your presentation on a disk you may find the file is to big! The solution is to reduce the size of the image in a paint program before you use it. Alternatively, if you wish to create a really small presentation to e-mail to other people, you can use the thumbnails from our galleries as small illustrative icons.

Where did the images come from?
The were taken specially for this site using various digital cameras and from scanning (3 pass flatbed) of photographic prints.

Are they really free?
YES, so long as you do not redistribute them to other people - spread the URL not the files! If you use the images we require a link from your website or a credit in printed material view full terms and conditions for more information on this. freeimages.co.uk cannot survive without your credits!

I Want to join the Mailing List / Access the Member Galleries..... I filled in my e-mail address and I wasn't sent the password - help!
First check you entered your e-mail address correctly (it's so easy to make a typo). Check your spam folder to see if the message arrived there; try completing the forgot password form if you are not already subscribed then this form will let you check.

I Can't get into the Members Area!
Assuming you have joined the mailing list and received the password, you should be able to access the members galleries on most common browsers.

- Check that you have typed the password correctly;
- Check that CAPSLOCK is OFF so you are entering the password entirely in lowercase.
- Java script is required for access, this is turned on by default in most browsers, if it's disabled you should receive a warning message

Where do I Login?
What is my user name?
Where are the Members Galleries?
You can access the members area here, however there is no need to login to freeimages, the password is used as a key to access a selection of special members' galleries (financial, festive, etc) once inside these galleries download will be the same as the non protected galleries. There are no individual user names - just a password which is sent provided after you join the mailing list.

How do I remove an image from my desktop (PC)
Right mouse button on an empty piece of desktop (where there are no icons) Display Properties > Background tab > Select "background picture" (none).

The Images have watermarks? they cost $ Dollars!
This one is simple... apart from the desktops and presentation templates, none of our images have watermarks and all are free use. If you see a watermark or are asked to pay for an image then please confirm that you are looking at freeimages.co.uk and not another site. Perhaps you have clicked on a banner or used one of the dreamstime search boxes?

How do I pay?
You don't. Freeimages.co.uk is free!

Can I Upload My Images?
Yes, you need a photographer account, also note that several websites allow you to sell your work easily, read more about that in how to Sell your own photos online

Can I use these images in my school/uni report/project?
Yes, read the terms.

If I e-mail to ask ‘can I use these images in my school report?’ will you reply?
No, if the answer is printed in the terms or on this FAQ page then there will be no response - it sounds rude but our site is supported through goodwill not paid support staff, R.T.F.M!!!

Still Have Questions?
Please contact us

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