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Freeimages Use Agreement

By downloading, storing or using any material from this site you are accepting the following license :-

1) You, as user of any images contained on this site, accept any and all liability arising from such use, no guarantee or warranty is made for image serviceability or site access and availability.

2) You may download and store only the images you plan to use as materials for the creation of a project, website or publication. You may not archive images other than those used in such a project, website or publication. Downloading or archiving the entire collection or substantial part of it is prohibited. Images are provided for use as stock photography, design and artistic uses, images and their related metadata may not be used for any alternative use.

3) You must not redistribute the images in anyway designed for reuse. You must not offer for sale or sub-license these images (or a collection of) without our express permission.

4) A link (or textural credit in non-web applications) to this site is required where an image is used. Acceptable credits include 'image: www.freeimages.co.uk' or a hyperlink to the URL 'http://www.freeimages.co.uk'. The credit shall be located in a suitably readable font on the same page as the image; Alternatively you may credit 'size-isnt-everything.co.uk' if you prefer. See Link to Us for banners, buttons and more information on linking from a website. View an example of how to link here

4a) When images are used in printed material or non internet-connected electronic media, a credit is needed on each page (or a facing page) where an image is used. The credit can either be at the bottom of the page or near the image i.e. in a caption. Many designers find the credit is less intrusive when it is printed sideways or at the edge of the page near the gutter.

4b) Images may also be used in other forms of digital and video media (games, demos, presentations, interactive systems, youtube videos, films etc.) a credit must be presented either when the image is displayed, with other credits at the start or the end of the presentation/film or on a 'welcome screen'.

4c) Where images are used in online banners the credit link may be included on the page where the user who clicks the banner is taken to. This page will be the final destination page of the banner link and not any auto-forwarded or unseen page which the browser may passes through while displaying the final banner destination page.

4d) Where images have been contributed by other site users in our live galleries (freeimageslive.co.uk), the credit shall include the contributors name. Details of this are listed on each image page where this term is applicable.

5) Freeimages reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without notice. Changes will be published here and also sent to our free mailing list members.

6) You are free to edit the images in anyway you want, crop, re-size, perform any operation you want... enjoy! With reference to term 7, the use of images featuring trademarks, recognisable copyright designs etc. should be used in accordance with trademark and copyright law (this definitely excludes using trademarks in any form of advertising!). Images are supplied without model or property releases.

7) Some of the images featured on this site contain recognisable persons, trademarks, designs and logos from other entities, freeimages is in no way connected to these entities, all trademarks, designs and logos remain the property of their respective owners. Users wishing to use these images should seek permission from the relevant trademark holder before use. You should assume that model releases are unavalable for images found on this site. More about Intellectual Property

8) Bulk data uses are prohibited. With the exclusion of education of reasearch where materials are attributed, images and associated metadata may not be used for purposes of machine learning, image keywording research, data scraping and collection, artificial intelligence training, AI generated images.

9) Users of 'freeimages' are required to join the register as a member of the freeimages update mailing list so that they can be kept informed of changes in these terms. It is the users responsibility to re-subscribe/amend their details if they change e-mail address. Subscription is completely free and protected by our privacy policy, we do not spam, sell or redistribute your personal details.

10) This term only applies to sites which hotlink to our images: (i.e. you access images direct from our servers on your site choosing not to host the image yourself). Where "cut and paste code" is provided this is designed to benefit simple low use websites and forum users who are unable to self host images. If you hotlink to images on our servers we operate an acceptable use limit of a peak of 10,000 image impressions per day. Excessive use of images from our server e.g. 'leeching' or hot linking to images from a very popular website (more than 1/4 million image impressions per month) may result in us blocking access from your domain. We make no warranty or guarantee for the availability of this service


Redistribution: Distributing our images with the intent that the photo be reused by the receiver as a stock image.

Examples of Acceptable Use: (Publication) Unacceptable Use: (Redistribution)
Selling prints of images with the required attribution. Uploading images to a photo sharing or stock photo site
Including versions of the image in a presentation slideshow distributed via CD Selling Images as digital downloads
Printing the images in a magazine and distributing that magazine to 10,000 people. Giving them away at full resolution as a collection of images on a CD


Privacy Statement

Freeimages respects your privacy

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