Useful images depicting both sides of our clean and dirty environment. Topics depicted include pollution, population, climate, air quality, global warming, renewable energy, forestry, and other man-made environment problems.

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Urban development with concrete pipes lying stacked on a construction site against a backdrop of modern highrise buildings
Group of heavy duty cranes on a construction site silhouetted against an evening sky conceptual of urban expansion and development
An industrial excavator and dump truck excavating and clearing rubble at a construction site
Old bleached animal skull lying on the ground as a reminder of natural disasters and drought
Wet bedraggled white summer daisy with damaged petals or rays and water droplets against a green background
Detail of the top of an electricity pylon, showing all the connecting cables, against a clear blue sky
Steel lattice high voltage electricity pylon distributing electrical energy through the grid
View looking up into the sun of a high voltage electricity pylon with pink sun flare spots
Aerial view of a riverine estuary and floodplain winding through fertile agricultural land and fields
coastal estuary environment, mudflats forming the intertidal zone
Farmer working in the fields driving his tractor across a grassy field on a misty day with copyspace
Dynamic background of bright orange fiery flames burning on a dark background providing a sustainable energy and heating source
Orange flames licking across burning rubbish as a means of keeping the environment clean and free of waste pollution
Walkway alongside a rural fence and green grassy embankment disappearing into the mist and rain with ghostly trees in the distance, conceptual of changing weather patterns due to global warming
Detail of the opening fronds of a fern in a woodland setting. Intentional shallow depth of field
Background of fresh dense green fern leaves or fronds growing in a moist environment
Botanical background of a lush green fern frond with shallow dof and copyspace
Evergreen pine forest background with a view through the branches of a sapling to the dense plantation beyond
Wooden sign marking a footpath showing a cutout of a walking man painted in white with a yellow arrow alongside in a woodland setting
Compacted dirty snow lying on the ground, an indication of changing weather patterns due to global warming and climate change
Dual lane carriageway with traffic winding through forested countryside in an environmental impact concept
Industrial background of a smoking chimney at an industrial manufacturing plant causing air pollution protected by a wire mesh perimeter fence with focus to the fence
View of a factory or refinery with two tall chimneys spewing smoke into the atmosphere causing industrial air pollution
Industrial chimney at a factory or manufacturing plant emitting smoke into the air causing atmospheric pollution
Litter strewn stone steps in front of a public venue with scattered plastic and cardboard drinks cartons, paper and rubbish
Litter lying on urban steps in front of the arched door of a public venue where people have simply discarded the packaging from their refreshments once they have consumed them
Stack of felled tree trunks from saplings and smaller trees felled and stripped during thinning out by forestry officials in a plantation
Uprooted tree in woodland blown over in stormy weather with the roots facing towards the camera
Discarded green glass bottle with a cork left abandoned in shallow surf at the seaside ready to add to global marine pollution
Aerial view of an opencast or strip mine scarring the landscape as the natural resources of ores or minerals are extracted from the earth
Sign showing a man wearing ear mufflers against noise pollution protecting his ears
a computer prediction model of the global environment and weather
Water gushing out of a cement pipe into a spillway in a white torrent, probably either a stormwater outlet or overflow
White frothy water gushing from a stormwater culvert with great force into a channel during flooding
Water gushing from a stormwater drain or culvert with powerful force as it flows into a rock line drainage canal or waterway
Photochemical smog is the chemical reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds resulting in toxic airborne particulate matter and ozone pollution
colorful patterns in an oil slick on the surface of a pond, environmental damage
Reflections of tree trunks and vegetation in a tranquil pond with the reflected orb of the sun causing natural sun flare
Scenic natural background of a tranquil pond with reflections of the surrounding trees and vegetation
Poor air quality as the sun tries to shine through a low lying haze of smog and photochemical pollution over a coastal marina
a brake test slope at a open cast mine or quarry
Mining equipment and infrastructure at an opencast or strip mining site or quarry for crushed stone to be used in construction
Several interconnected elevated highways or flyovers all carrying vehicular traffic contributing to air pollution through exhaust fumes
Rooftop industrial airconditioning ducts and equipment on a commercial building
Rubbish strewn on the steps of a public building in front of an arched doorway discarded by people enjoying refreshments while sitting on the staircase
Stark branches of a tree are silhouetted against the glare from a scorching sun
Beautiful ocean background with breaking waves and surf lapping on a beach under a sunny tropical sky
The sun makes a valiant effort to shine through thick hazy smog caused by air pollution over a coastal marina with small boats and pleasure yachts moored at the jetties
An array of photovoltaic solar panels
Sun setting in a hazy smoggy polluted sky with muted blended colours of orange and purple
Thermal imaging showing bands of hot and cold temperatues on a world map with South America and Africa in the centre
Traffic on different levels of elevated motorways in an urban environment adding to air pollution through exhaust emissions
System of elevated motorways carrying vehicular traffic causing air pollution through exhaust emissions
Vert tall steel lattice communications tower stretching up towards the cloudy blue sky with antennas and radio dishes mounted up its length
Low angle view of a steel lattice communications tower with an array of dishes for transmission and reception
Portion of a steel lattice communications tower with antennas and radio dishes for receivng and broadcasting signals
Car driving through a covered illuminated traffic tunnel causing air pollution through exhaust emission in the confined space
Stack of waste carboard boxes in an alley waiting for collection and disposal, suitable for recycling
A seagull stands on the floor alongside a red plastic bag caught in a fence conceptual of the dangers of urban litter should the bird inadvertantly ingest it
Old metal pipes attached to the exterior brickwork of a building with a rusted airconditioning duct
Old pipework and plumbing on the exterior of a red brick building
White frothy water flowing over a stepped spillway to control flow and direction of an important natural resource
Mountain stream flowing over rocks providing fresh clean water, an important natural resource
River flowing over a rocky waterfall conceptual of natural resources and the environment
Alternative wind energy with a tall aeolian or wind turbine on a hilltop which converts the kinetic energy of the wind to electrical energy
Wind turbine blades and generator against a cloudy sky supplying sustainable energy from the coversion of kinetic wind energy to electricity
Wind turbines in open countryside. Recyclable energy concept showing use of green energy sources
Abandoned truck in an overgrown woodland
Harmful acid rain caused when emission compounds combine with the water molecules to form precipitation high in hydrogen, or acid, falling on the canopies of trees
Domestic wall mounted electrical socket with an attached plug and cable supplying household electricity
Sun trying to shine through the smog caused by particulate pollution and smoke in the atmosphere giving the air a very poor quality due to toxic photochemicals
Idyllic tropical beach and palm tree with a blue ocean bathed in summer sunshine for a relaxing vacation
Caution sign for an unstable cliff edge lying on the ground in the undergrowth warning of a natural hazard
Controls for a wall mounted electrical airconditioner or central heating unit to control ambient temperature inside the house
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